Company Overview

Esplana Engineering Review Center is the brainchild of Engineer Dindo Francisco Esplana in his advocacy to revolutionize the board exam review system for aspiring civil engineers by discarding obsolete and antiquated methods in teaching. It is an offshoot of his astounding achievement in the May 2001 CE Licensure Exam where he copped First Place with an unprecedented 98.5%, a feat that etched his name in board exam history. Moreover, his almost decade-long experience as an unconventional mathematician-lecturer makes him the foremost authority in CE board review. 

Unlike most review centers which are highly profit-oriented but which thrive on outdated pedagogical techniques, Esplana Engineering Review Center values quality and service over monetary gains as signified by its free trial review program which gives reviewees leeway to choose the best. This allows them to discover for themselves the effectiveness of the radical techniques for solving algebraic to project management problems.

The center envisions not only to help hopefuls to hurdle the board exam with superior pass marks through coaching, performance-monitoring, and mock-board exams, but also to equip them with practical knowledge they can utilize when they eventually enter the field industry.


To help aspiring civil engineers achieve high pass marks in the licensure examination by imparting a wide and thorough knowledge in all mathematics and civil engineering subjects, by offering radical, straightforward, and shortcut methods in problem-solving; and by inculcating effective review habits. 
To revolutionize the prevailing system for CE board review in the Philippines through newly-devised strategies in problem solving and unconventional approaches in teaching.

Ericneil D. Realuyo


Karren May A. Simplina