Esplana Community!

Posted Date : January 15, 2018

Hello Everyone!

Have you already visited our discussion forum?
If not, you better check it out now. Esplana built a community where everyone can share, discuss and learn. You can post your questions there, join discussions and share review materials with everyone.

Link to Esplana Community

How to view discussion posted in the community :

1.) To view the list of discussions posted in the community, click the discussion tab in the navigation panel located at the top-right part of the page.
2.) In the discussion page, you can search for a discussion or post that you want to view by entering the subject or only a keyword and filtering the results that you want it to return by using the search controls.
3.) Please take note that you must be logged in to be able to submit a reply to a discussion or post.
How to create and view your created discussions :

1.) Login to your Esplana account.

2.) After logging in, go to the community page and look for the Account tab in the navigation panel located at the top-right part of the page then select My Post.
3.) After you click My Post, you will be redirected to a page where you can create and view your created discussions.
How to use the Equation Generator :

1.) Simply click the question mark icon and images on how to use it will appear.